No Problems With Stretch Marks

No Problems With Stretch Marks

Those small purple or white marks that appear on your skin are called stretch marks and are often responsible for a woman feeling insecure about her beauty. Although they tend to be small, without the right care they can become huge and even inflame. And yes, they are not aesthetic at all, but neither is it a reason to get depressed. Sometimes the only insecurity is not the stretch marks besides that is also that you feel that your body is very chubby and the only solution for that is a plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico and a lot of exercise.

I hope to help you with these tips to feel more confident about yourself, even with stretch marks.


Talking to a friend or your mom will help you get everything you bring in there. It is normal to feel depressed by stretch marks, especially when they invade your entire body. Seriously, a good company can be your best medicine. Say everything you feel and do not be sorry to do it, after all it is a person to whom you have confidence. On the other hand, you can go with a psychologist and it will also be very helpful.


Instead of just focusing your attention on stretch marks, better do it on your qualities. What do you like most about yourself? You have a whole face that reflects your beauty and personality so use it! Do not walk with your sad or bitter face because then you will feel uglier. If you like your eyes a lot then make them look more radiant with some makeup. And so do the same with the areas of your face or body that you like and look for ways to highlight them.


Surely all you see are your stretch marks, right? Well, instead of seeing it on the bad side, do it on the good side. For example: if they are stretch marks caused by pregnancy, look at it by the side of a scar of your greatest achievement in life: a child. The point is that you think positively as long as you love your body or begin to take better care of it.