Postural Deformities Of The Spinal Column

Postural Deformities Of The Spinal Column

Even if it does not look like it, the posture influences the changes that the appearance and functionality of the spine can have throughout life.

The bad posture or the defect of posture is a deficient relation between several parts of the body, which produces an increase of tension and also fatigue in the structures; It should be noted that the body reaches equilibrium when it is able to contract and maintain positions, positions and attitudes, because these actions are the basis for developing all kinds of motor activities.

Regarding the deformations of the spine, we know that the spine has different segments, the deformity appears when there are curves that can be of three types, scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. Learn more about these below:

• Scoliosis: This is a complicated deformity, which is characterized by the appearance of a lateral curvature and also a vertebral rotation; with the passage of time and the advance of the deformity, the vertebrae and the spinous processes in the greater curve rotate towards the concavity of the curve.

• Postural kyphosis: This is considered a postural deviation of the spine in the sagittal plane outside its limits, this kind of kyphosis is the most common of all and appears especially in adolescent women, if the deformity is detected in time, it can be treated with aggressive postural exercises or with a corrective spinal corset.

• Lordosis: It is a sagittal curve of the anterior convexity rachis, on the other hand, the pathological lordosis can present quite painful pictures or episodes and is located especially in the lumbar region.

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A bad posture can make you believe that it only affects your back but not, the shrinkage in the and deformation of the spindles of the back pushes them

Your bad posture can leave you even more problems:The last vertebrae, the axis bones (the second cervical vertebra) and atlas (the highest bone of the entire spinal column) push the occipital (central articulation of the skull) in front, to the sphenoid (frontal bone located in the middle part of the the base of the skull), this to the ethmoid (located behind the nose bone), is to the upper jaw causing the teeth to receive an extra load and causing them to become crooked that’s why you need to go with an expert dentist like Ortho by Elizondo in Tijuana Mexico.